Quarterdeck Loves Pets

We love pets as much as you do, so we have pet-friendly rooms and houses set aside for you to bring your furry friends with you on your stay!

Perks for Pets

Guests staying with pets are entitled to special perks, including:

  • A luxury pet bed in the room
  • A comfortable pet crate in the room
  • A feeding mat with food and water bowls
  • A special “do not disturb” sign
  • A complimentary pet treat bag for dog or cat including pet treats and a toy
  • A guide to pet-friendly area attractions like walking trails, pet shops and grooming locations, pet walkers and pet sitters, pet-friendly restaurants and more
  • Fee-based pet walking and pet sitting services to be arranged before your visit
  • A “Did You Forget?” chest containing extra leashes and various size collars
  • A “Pet Pantry” where you can purchase pet food and treats and other items like cat litter boxes, litter and scoops, disposable waste bags, pet toys and more

Pet Registration

Guests must register for the Quarterdeck Loves Pets program ahead of their visit, so be sure to let us know you’re bringing your pet when you make your reservation. We’ll need to know your pet’s breed and size. You must review and accept the pet policy when you register and sign in-person at check-in.

Fees and Terms

A one-time fee of $75 per room is due at registration, along with a $25 per night fee for each pet.

Guests will be responsible for any charges related to damages caused by their pets, guest rebates or additional cleaning required after their visit beyond the usual and customary cleaning. This additional cleaning includes things like replacing flooring, furniture or fixtures damaged by their pets. Note that pet waste in rooms can cause damage to carpet, furniture and fixtures in a way that may require replacement.

Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless Quarterdeck and its owners, operators and employees from any and all liability and damage suffered by third parties as the result of the guest’s pet.


  • A maximum of two pets are allowed per room
  • Pet weight maximum is 75 pounds per pet; pets heavier than 75 pounds must have management approval before being welcomed to Quarterdeck resort
  • Pets must be well-trained and under the guest’s control at all times
  • Guests and their pets must comply with all laws and requirements related to pets
  • Pets must have a health certificate signed by a veterinarian indicating they are up to date on vaccines
  • Guests must indicate their pets do not have a history of biting or other aggressive behavior or has been declared a dangerous animal or subject to destruction in any jurisdiction
  • Pets should be kept kenneled or in crates when in the room if at all possible in consideration of future guests; this is a requirement when pets are left in the room alone and a contact phone number must be left with the resort when pets are left unattended
  • Pets are only allowed in the guest’s designated room and areas used to access that room and must be kept on a leash and under control at all times
  • Pets are not allowed in common areas or resort ground areas not designated as pet-friendly for the consideration of guests who may be allergic or frightened of animals
  • Pets are not allowed on the beach, dock areas, in the restaurant or on the restaurant patio
  • Pets must not bark or otherwise make noises that disturb other guests; if other guests are disturbed by your pets you may be asked to remove your pets or leave the hotel without refund
  • Any rebates to other guests arising from disturbance by your pet will be applied to your bill as a surcharge
  • Pets must urinate and defecate in the designated pet-relief area and all waste must be picked up and disposed of in a designated waste receptacle (additional charges may be applied to the guest account for cleaning up pet waste even in designated pet-relief areas)

Download this PDF to review our pet policies in detail.